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Commercial Real Estate

As the associate broker for Keller Williams Realty in Baltimore MD and a highly experienced real estate developer, I have the right amount of expertise and understanding of the real estate industry. From property identification to acquisition as well as property disposition, I possess the requisite skills and knowledge for maximizing your commercial property investment and selling experiences.

With more than fifteen years of experience, I have served as an efficient and reliable real estate broker for innumerable residential and commercial real estate buyers and sellers. During my stint as property realtor, I also focused on the real estate development space and played a prominent role in the construction and expansion of affordable luxury housing in Baltimore city. Today, I understand the real estate space both from a broker as well as a developer point of view.

  • I offer personalized as well as a wide range of services to both the investors and sellers.
  • I also emphasize on appraising, buying, leasing, selling and managing I focus on offering appropriate property advice and guidance to both commercial real estate investors and sellers.
  • I also offer insight as well as solutions from the owner’s as well as the investor’s perspective, thereby creating value at every single step.
  • I focus on understanding the client’s requirements and delivering as per their needs.

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